Some Easy DIY Bamboo Projects

Some Easy DIY Bamboo Projects

No matter you are looking to make some large structure or small computer cases, bamboo will be your natural choice because it is lightweight, strong and amazingly renewable. You can easily get the bamboo from your nearby wood market or find these growing wild near you. Following are some of the easy DIY bamboo projects that you can do it on your own.

Bamboo Fence

Bamboo can make a good fence for your house or farm. You can use the bamboo poles to any length and at any height in staggered pattern or even in straight line to make a fence. It all depends on your choice and need. You can also make a customized garden fence to give a unique beautiful look to your garden.

Bamboo Transverse Flute

If you are interested in making flute then bamboo can serve your purpose the best. It is naturally hollow so help you in making the flute easily. This is one of the easiest DIY bamboo projects that you can execute easily. You just need to learn about how to how to cut and finish the bamboo pieces so that it can be transformed into musical instrument.

Wall Planter

Wall planters made of bamboo can serve as a great visual interest for both indoor and outdoor space. This DIY bamboo project can be executed easily as you need some bamboo sticks, wire, coconut coir, glue and essential tools.

Bamboo Privacy Screen

Same as a garden fence the bamboo fence can also act as a privacy screen within the room. It can separate an indoor space into two so that you can enjoy your own space without being disturbed by someone else.


These are few DIY bamboo projects that you can execute easily both inside and outside your home. Other than these you can think of so many other projects that can be made of using bamboo wood.