How to build your own DIY Greenhouse

If you love to work yourself then it’s a great quality. So if you are having some vacations coming and you are planning some DIY task, then why don`t you go for DIY Greenhouse? It is one of the great ideas that need to be implemented. You must know that finding a greenhouse in an affordable price is really a difficult thing, but you can save a lot of money while doing it yourself. Now if you are interested in making your own greenhouse, then following are some important tips that can help you a great deal:

First of all you need to know different types of greenhouse and then make the decision about the right type you want for yourself. You can do this online as lots of material is available from which you will be able to differentiate easily. Further the selection of DIY greenhouse also depends upon the kind of food you wanted to grow. For example if the space is limited then you should go for hot bed or flat green house where you can grow the vegetables easily. In case if you wanted to grow some plants like tomatoes than you will require a tall greenhouse.

The design of larger greenhouses will matter like you will have designs from lean to hoop and Victorian as well. All of these designs have their advantages and disadvantages but all has plenty of space to move around.


Another important tip is to know about the importance of ventilation. You must know that how you have to maintain a moderate temperature inside your DIY greenhouse. So when you are searching about which type of greenhouse you should have, also search about how to maintain the temperature inside the greenhouse when the outside temperature is not ideal.

We recommend that you review the photos below to see the perfect designs in your garden.

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Personalized basket can be a great DIY gift for girlfriend

Is there any special day coming for your girlfriend, like her birthday, or graduation ceremony or her new job appointment or any other event where you wanted to present her gifts. If this is so then the best thing that you can do is to go for a personalized basket as it can be a great gift for her which no one else can give. For this the most important thing is to know about her hobbies, interests, and the current event where you wanted to present her that basket. This can help you in making a perfect selection of things to be included. For example if she has recently bought a new house then your gift selection will be different than when she is going for some vacations and trips. A basket as DIY gift for girlfriend can serve the purpose in every case.

First of all you can add a card as gift through which you can give her the message or show your love. Other than this you can also add a book related to her interest topics. Further you can combine the book and card with some decadent chocolate and personalized hazelnut candle. Other than these you can also add any other thing that you think she will enjoy. DIY gift for girlfriend should be little different that can make her feel special and show her that you really take some time out for designing the gift basket.


In case if she is going on a trip during her vacations than you can also give her some accessories to wear during her trip. This way she will remember your friendship while being on the trip. These are little things that can make a great DIY gift for girlfriend which she will surely love and remember for long.


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Ideas regarding DIY gifts for boyfriend

If you are looking to give some gifts to your boyfriend, then you must have considered some choices which can make perfect gift for him. You should give such a gift to him which can show your affection and love towards him. If you don`t find anything suitable according to his taste then why don`t you go for DIY gifts for boyfriend. Have you ever thought that why these are so much in demand and popular gift items?  The reason is that these are specialized and customized gift items which no one else can have. In case if you go to market and pick a certain gift, there is a chance that someone else might give the same gift to him. So if you are convinced that you should give a DIY gift to your boyfriend, then following are some of the ideas that might help you:

Scrapbook: Scrapbook is one of the best gift items that you can give to your boyfriend. There is a great amount of freedom where you can use also your creative skill to design a beautiful DIY gift for boyfriend. You can add his photographs; some love quotes or some lyrics wherever you want. Other than this you can also give small messages and to make more special you can also get it signed by his family and friends.

Photo Frame

Another good DIY gift for boyfriend is to get a big photo frame and make it special by adding all the photographs of your boyfriend that you have. You have to arrange these photographs in such a way that it looks nice. You can also add few photos where both of you are together. Decorate the frame and write a personal message to him on the back side of frame to show your love.


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Some easy diy furniture ideas

If you are one of those people who can use the power tools and also love to do different fun activities yourself, then why don`t you go for some DIY furniture ideas. In case you are free this weekend then following are some ideas on which you can work and utilize your weekend in perfect manner.

  • You can easily make a simple bed frame for your bed room. For this you don`t require lot of skills or professionalism, you just need to put together some pieces of wood and you will get a perfect bed frame as per your requirements.
  • Diamond tufted headboard can also be one of the easy DIY furniture One thing that you must remember is that it is not one of those options where you can execute and complete the project quickly; it will take some time and also need good planning.
  • If you don`t have enough time diamond tufted headboard, then you can go for stickwood headboard, it doesn`t took a lot of time. This is also an easy option where you don`t have to use hammer.
  • Corner shelves can also make a good DIY furniture idea, as it can easily be used for placing and putting anything you want. Further these shelves can also helps in maximizing the space in your room. If you don`t have any closets in your room, then these shelves can serve the purpose very well.
  • One more option that you have is to go for metal base coffee table. This is a really quick solution where you can make a table within an hour or even less. This also don`t require a lot of expertise on your part.

These are few DIY furniture ideas which you can exercise during your daily life to not only enjoy your vacations, but also saving some money.

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Diy face mask recipes for glowing and bright skin

There are many different ways in which you can make apply face mask like you can have it in sheet form, in clay form, in splash form and you can also do it in DIY form because sometimes we don`t have time or money to apply these face masks. So if you don`t gets time from your daily routine, then here are some DIY face mask recipes for glowing and bright skin.

Cocoa Dream Hydration Mask

For this you need, Avocado, Cocoa and honey. All these have their own benefits and this is also known as fully edible mask. By applying this DIY face mask you can provide your skin with hydrating, antioxidant and antibacterial effects. You can make this mask by following simple procedure:

  • First of all you need to mash one quarter avocado.
  • After this you need to stir one tablespoon of honey and cocoa powder each, then mash and mix these well.
  • The mixture is ready and you should apply it on your dry clean skin for around 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes you need to wash of the mixture with warm water and then moisturize your skin as usual.

Banana Face Mask

  • Take a banana and mash one half of it in a small bowl.
  • After that mix one tablespoon of honey and orange juice in it.
  • The mixture is ready, now you should apply it on your face and keep it for 15 minutes.
  • After 15 minutes, wash your face with warm water and provide moisturizing.

These are few recipes which you can make as DIY face mask, other than these there are few others as well. You can choose any of these depending upon your ease. Both are equally beneficial and easy to apply for glowing skin.

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Some recipes to make DIY dry shampoo

Now days you may have seen different dry shampoos available in the market and it is quite possible that you may have tried some of them. It can be easily said that these dry shampoos work really well for your hairs to make them healthier as compare to wet shampoos which deprive your hairs from the natural oils. It is also a fact that these dry shampoos can be little expensive. So if you wanted to save some money then why don`t you try make DIY dry shampoo at home? There are different ingredients which are easily available that can be used for making dry shampoo at home.

Cornstarch Dry Shampoo Recipe

You can add cornstarch to the roots of your hairs and then blend it through the hairs. Once you are done with this then use brush to remove cornstarch from hairs. This is a good DIY dry shampoo recipe as it can soak the dirt and oil which will be removed while brushing out the cornstarch. This is the best and oldest tricks used as dry shampoo.

Cheesecloth Dry Shampoo Method

This is a simple DIY dry shampoo trick which even don`t require any ingredients from your kitchen. You just need cheesecloth. Take a bristle brush and wrap cheesecloth around it and then start brushing your hair. It will remove all the dirt oil and dirt from your hair.

Cornmeal and Salt Dry Shampoo Recipe

Take one tablespoon salt and 1/2 cup of cornmeal. Put these in a shaker to mix these properly. A pepper or salt shaker can serve the purpose well but you can also use any other shaker as well that can make a good mixture. Once the mixture is ready, you need to apply it on your hairs. When you remove this mixture by brushing out you can see that it will bring the dirt and oil with it as well.

So these are few DIY dry shampoo recipes that you can easily make it on your home.

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DIY doll house by using a shoebox

There are different methods of making doll houses using different material. The easiest is to make a DIY doll house by using shoebox. These doll houses can be good for small dolls and can also be easily made by the kids at home. So if there is a holiday and you wanted to have some fun activity at home with your kids then you can engage them in making doll house.

  • First of all you should get three or four large, squarish shoe boxes. It will be perfect if all of these are of the same size.
  • Now you must remove or cut off the lids and then turn the boxes on their longer sides. The panel which was the bottom of the shoebox now serves as the back wall and the side panel becomes the floor.
  • To make your DIY doll house interior colorful, use paint on the inside of shoebox. Further you can also use a carpet or scrap wood to make proper floor. Your child drawing can become the wallpaper.
  • When you are done with decoration of your rooms, then you can glue them together in shape of house. You can make a flat house or have different levels, and your house rooms can be as big as you find the shoeboxes.
  • If you wanted to have a flat roof for your DIY doll house, then you don`t need anything extra, but if you wanted to have an elevated roof then you can get it by folding a cardboard and taping it accordingly.
  • After finishing the interior, you can now paint the exterior of your doll house, to make a better look. Further you can cut windows or can even make window shutters for giving real look.
  • With this you can enjoy your DIY doll house.





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Important elements to consider for constructing DIY dog houses

Everyone of use love our dogs, don`t we? Mostly people try to make comfortable place for their dogs where they can sit, relax or sleep. If you are also thinking of having a dog house for your pet, then why don`t you try a DIY dog house. There are many different ideas and designs that you may find online as well as from your friends or colleagues from which you can choose the one that suits your requirements.

First of all you need to decide about the place where you wanted to construct your dog house. If you wanted it to be in your lawn then the requirements may be different as compare to an inside dog house. Here you need to think about the severe weather conditions, which may easily be dealt if your dog house is inside. In case, if your dog house is in lawn, then you have to be extra careful. Every dog has different requirements, but all of them need proper insulated and dry space, where they can easily relax, during hot and cold weathers. For making a DIY dog house, you should focus on these points and then start further.

While making the base of your dog house you have to make sure that there is a space between floor and ground, which will actually acts as an insulation facility for the house. This will help you in making your dog house base cooler in summers and hotter in winters. Another thing that you need to consider while constructing DIY dog house is that if there is excessive rain in your area, then do use a water resistant and non toxic material and also build a base little higher than the ground surface, to avoid any flooding.

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Constructing a DIY coffee table

Constructing a DIY coffee table

There are different kinds and types of coffee tables available in the market. But if you know how to use some basic tools and material then you can easily construct the one at your home on your own. A metal coffee table can easily be given a rustic look by using wood and tile. For constructing a DIY coffee table you will require following material:

  • An existing wrought iron table
  • Travertine tiles
  • 3/4-inch plywood
  • Ceramic accent tiles
  • Biscuit joints
  • Biscuit joiner
  • Knotty Pine boards
  • Thin set
  • Stain
  • Stone Sealer
  • Wood Glue
  • Table or circular saw
  • Tile cutter
  • Chop saw

Bottom Shelf

Once you arrange above mentioned tools and material, you come in a position to start your project of DIY coffee table construction. You can start with bottom shelf arrangements. For this you need to join three boards together and then stained these.

  • You need to cut knotty pine strips exactly about the same measurement as you per bottom shelf of table.
  • Now you should use biscuit joiner and attach the strips together by using wood glue and biscuits. When it gets dry, apply stain and then put it onto existing table frame.

Top shelf

For making top shelf of your DIY coffee table you need to cut 3/4-inch plywood as per the measurement of your table frame. After placing the plywood you should determine the layout of your tile and mark the layout with pencil on plywood. After this you should use the tile cutter to cut the travertine tiles to suitable design and size. Now attach these tiles to the plywood with the help of thinset. Once it gets dry then applies sealer to make it firm at its position. With this your DIY Coffee table is ready to be used.



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How to create an interesting DIY cat tree?

Cat tree can serve a beautiful decoration for those who are having cats in their homes. If you don`t have one, then you should think of creating one for your cat. DIY cat tree can be easy to execute and it will also provide you a fun activity at home. First of all you have to plan the whole project. You need to know the material and tool requirements, further you should also have an initial design idea about how to create you want your cat tree.

Tools and material required:

  • Drill
  • Circular/Table saw
  • ½” Stapler
  • Pocket hole jig
  • Utility knife
  • 2” Screws
  • 1 yard x 12 feet natural carpet
  • 50 feet sisal rope
  • 2’x4’ x 1 /2” plywood
  • (1) 2x4x8’ board

Once you have arranged all the required material and tools, then you should mark the measurement carefully. This will help you in ensuring the proper DIY cat tree size and also maximizing the material.

First of all you should cut and predrill the plywood with screws so that they can attached securely. Once you are done with attaching all these in their places, then you should disassemble these pieces because it is easy to wrap sisal and carpet on individual pieces.

You should now carpet each piece of plywood with stapler. This will provide a good smooth sleeping space to your cat and it can also withstand any wear and tear caused by cat claws.

Once you are done with wrapping the carpet you should let your cat climb the tree. She will surely love the DIY cat tree that you have made for her. This will not only make you save some money but you will also love spending time in this fun activity.


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