Some Easy DIY Bamboo Projects

No matter you are looking to make some large structure or small computer cases, bamboo will be your natural choice because it is lightweight, strong and amazingly renewable. You can easily get the bamboo from your nearby wood market or find these growing wild near you. Following are some of the easy DIY bamboo projects that you can do it on your own.

Bamboo Fence

Bamboo can make a good fence for your house or farm. You can use the bamboo poles to any length and at any height in staggered pattern or even in straight line to make a fence. It all depends on your choice and need. You can also make a customized garden fence to give a unique beautiful look to your garden.

Bamboo Transverse Flute

If you are interested in making flute then bamboo can serve your purpose the best. It is naturally hollow so help you in making the flute easily. This is one of the easiest DIY bamboo projects that you can execute easily. You just need to learn about how to how to cut and finish the bamboo pieces so that it can be transformed into musical instrument.

Wall Planter

Wall planters made of bamboo can serve as a great visual interest for both indoor and outdoor space. This DIY bamboo project can be executed easily as you need some bamboo sticks, wire, coconut coir, glue and essential tools.

Bamboo Privacy Screen


Same as a garden fence the bamboo fence can also act as a privacy screen within the room. It can separate an indoor space into two so that you can enjoy your own space without being disturbed by someone else.

These are few DIY bamboo projects that you can execute easily both inside and outside your home. Other than these you can think of so many other projects that can be made of using bamboo wood.

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Making of personalized DIY stepping stones

There are many ways in which you can give a personalized look to your garden. One of those is making DIY stepping stones. These stones can also be used on the path or walkway of your garden and you can also gift these to your friends and family members. You can also make these extra special by using a child`s footprint or hand print on it. To make these stones at home you can easily purchase a kit, but if you wanted to save some money that you can pick up the required supplies yourself. It can save you a lot of money; in fact a complete pack of DIY stepping stones can be made for the same amount for which you will purchase single kit.

Supplies Required


Making of stepping stone is not very difficult. It can be made easily by mixing concrete, and then decorate it, putting it in mold and then let it dry. For all this you need following material and supplies:

  • A mold
  • Quick setting concrete
  • Bucket and paint mixer
  • Old newspaper, rubber gloves, drop cloth
  • Petroleum jelly

Steps involved in making stepping stones

  • First of all you should put a drop cloth or newspaper on the ground.
  • Line up your molds with petroleum jelly.
  • Now you should mix the concrete as per the instructions written on the bag as per your required quantity.
  • After mixing concrete, transfer it into molds.
  • You can now add embellishments. For this you can use anything you want, any design or any other specific thing as per your choice.
  • After adding embellishments to your DIY steeping stone, you should let it dry for 24 to 48 hours. Once it gets dry, you can remove it from the mold and place where ever you want in your garden.
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Things to consider before making DIY raised planters

Making DIY raised planters for your garden or patio is one of the best activities that you can perform this weekend. It will not only give a personalized feeling but also save a lot of money that you may spend somewhere else. Before you start with the project you must plan it and think about important factors that can affect your overall project.


First of all you need to consider the size of your raised planter. Mostly people will like to have a planter which is 4 feet wide and around six to eight feet in length. This can provide you an ease to dig or weed the DIY raised planter.

Select a perfect location

Location plays an important role when you wanted to place your planter. You can place it anywhere from your backyard or driveway but make sure that it looks good and the area where you wanted to place it has proper drainage facility.

Installation of irrigation system

Another important thing to consider is the installation of irrigation system. In case you wanted to have a system in place then you need to do this before you finished with DIY raised planter. This is important because you can run hoses under layers of mulch or pathways and it will not create any trouble too.

Soil requirement

You can easily find the quantity of soil required for your raised planters from the soil calculators available online. When it comes to adding the soil to your planter you must choose the best one as per your budget. This can help you a great deal in raising the plants perfectly.

These are few things that you should focus on before you starting your DIY raised planter project at home; otherwise you may suffer during the project. Good luck!

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Best Ideas for DIY outdoor lights

Are you arranging a party at your home where you have invited your friends and family members for dinner? If it is summer then you can use your lawn, deck or patio for a perfect dinner setting. In case you are concerned about the outdoor lighting issues, then don`t worry following are some great DIY outdoor lights ideas that can help you a great deal.

Folded Paper Lanterns

This one is perfect idea as you can hang these with the porch banister or with the tree branches. These are also not very much expensive but will give a great look your party.

Candle Chandelier

If there is an old chandelier available with you that you are not using, you can use it now. This is the perfect opportunity to use an elegant chandelier which will light up your space.

Faux Stone Lantern

You can make high end stone lanterns from foam boards which can be used in line along your porch steps or walkway.

Lighted Gazing Ball

Another good DIY outdoor light idea is to purchase a glass gazing ball and light it up. It will also not require any extra efforts or lots of professionalism. All you need to do is to find a perfect location in your garden where you can place these balls.

These are just few DIY outdoor light ideas which you can implement. You can implement any or all of these at the same time. It all depends on your requirements and lawn setting. Further the choice of outdoor lighting also depends on the theme of your party that you choose. One thing that you have to be careful is that, you have to use these lights really carefully and according to the plan, otherwise no matter how beautiful they look at initial stage, they won’t glow the party as desired.

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How to build your own DIY Greenhouse

If you love to work yourself then it’s a great quality. So if you are having some vacations coming and you are planning some DIY task, then why don`t you go for DIY Greenhouse? It is one of the great ideas that need to be implemented. You must know that finding a greenhouse in an affordable price is really a difficult thing, but you can save a lot of money while doing it yourself. Now if you are interested in making your own greenhouse, then following are some important tips that can help you a great deal:

First of all you need to know different types of greenhouse and then make the decision about the right type you want for yourself. You can do this online as lots of material is available from which you will be able to differentiate easily. Further the selection of DIY greenhouse also depends upon the kind of food you wanted to grow. For example if the space is limited then you should go for hot bed or flat green house where you can grow the vegetables easily. In case if you wanted to grow some plants like tomatoes than you will require a tall greenhouse.

The design of larger greenhouses will matter like you will have designs from lean to hoop and Victorian as well. All of these designs have their advantages and disadvantages but all has plenty of space to move around.

Another important tip is to know about the importance of ventilation. You must know that how you have to maintain a moderate temperature inside your DIY greenhouse. So when you are searching about which type of greenhouse you should have, also search about how to maintain the temperature inside the greenhouse when the outside temperature is not ideal.

We recommend that you review the photos below to see the perfect designs in your garden.

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