Easy and Quick DIY Room Décor Tips

If you are shifted into a new house and you are looking to add some new decorations to your room then why don`t you try some easy and quick DIY room décor tips. This will not only help you in saving some money, but you will also have a personalized feeling. Following are few ideas that you can try.

Floating Leaves

This is a simple, easy and nature loving DIY room décor idea. For this you need some old clear jars. You just have to fill this water and lay few leaves in jars. This will give a great different display of art without much effort.


Reclaimed Crate Furniture

You can make furniture for your room from the items that you are already using at your home, like if there are few old crates available in your home, you can easily transform into superbly stylish furniture piece. You can go for making seats, coffee tables and even beds in some cases. You can use these crates in any way possible depending upon your needs.

Smart Clever cover up board

In most of the houses, you may have seen dishes piled up in sink. This becomes worst when you friends came without intimation and you start trying hiding this mess. So if you are also suffering from this situation time and again, then you should use creative side of your mind and try to cover this up with smart cover up board. For this purpose you can use any sizeable plastic board or old cutting board that you are not using now. You can personalize it as per the requirement and make sure that it can easily cover up your sink whenever you require it in emergency.

So these are few DIY room décor ideas with which you can add a whole new look to your room without spending a lot of money.

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DIY Murphy bed is a good idea for small apartments

If you have just shifted into a new apartment which don`t have enough space where you can easily place your normal bed or you wanted to utilize the maximum space and don`t want it to be covered by your normal bed then the best thing you can do is to go for murphy bed. Making DIY Murphy bed is not a bad idea at all; you can do it easily if you know how to use some basic tools.

Material Required

  • Spring mechanism
  • Crown molding
  • Wood as per measurements
  • Mattress
  • Paint and primer
  • Cabinet hardware
  • Paintbrush

Step 1

This is the first step where we need to purchase the mechanism for making Murphy bed. With this we will get the instructions manual as well as we get to know about the wood required to be purchased.


Step 2

In second step of DIY Murphy bed we need to screw the wood pieces together as per the measurements.

Step 3

When bed is up into the cabinet, its front should look as an armoire. You can also make cabinet doors and drawers but it will be expensive too, so it’s better if you don`t have enough budget to make fake doors and drawers front. You can use crown molding on the top of Murphy bed to give it a look like cabinet doors. Further to give a real look to this fake setting you can put knobs and handles on them.

Step 4

Now you have to paint your DIY Murphy bed. You can choose the color of your choice.

Step 5

Now you have to order the mattress and place it on your Murphy bed. It will be a great addition and acts as an extra bed when ever needed. Good luck!


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Steps involved in building a DIY coffee table

Have you ever tried of making something on your own from wood? If yes then you are perfectly capable of making a DIY coffee table. You just need to follow the instructions and you will end up with a beautiful coffee table.

  • First of all you need to know the process of building any table that how it is composed of. Any table has 3 pats, a top, stringers or apron and legs.
  • The top can be easily made from .19cm plywood. You can easily cut the plywood to the shape and size you require
  • After finishing with the top you need to build apron. You can use 1×4 inch or 1×6 inch stock. Now you need to cut the stock to about 3 inches less to the width and length of table top. Assemble the apron pieces with beveled 45 degree ends using glue and corner clamps.
  • Now you have to make legs of the DIY coffee table. For this you can cut the untreated pine 4×4 inch. You should choose the length of table legs as per the height of coffee table you intended to make.
  • You should now attach the legs with each corner using screws.
  • Once you are done with attaching the coffee table legs, you should attach the legs and apron to top of table with screws. For this you need to turn the top of coffee table upside down.
  • Your DIY coffee table is almost ready. Now you have to wipe the dust of top and give a natural finish by applying varnish coats. To add some extra protection to your coffee table you can apply carnauba wax to the top surface. With this you have completed the coffee table and it can now be used for serving your guests.



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How to build Concrete steps for Gardens

If you are having a garden at your home and you wanted to add some garden steps to its slope to make it more beautiful, then you can use different materials like, timber, gravel, concrete slabs, bricks or large flat stones. The design of concrete steps for gardens depends upon the material you are using, the length and gradient of the slope.

Material and tools required

Concrete slabs and bricks will be used for making concrete steps for garden. The steps length will remain the same but when it comes to excavation, first step will be longer than the rest.

Step 1

First of all you should start by marking out the place where you want to build concrete steps. You should use pegs and builders line to mark the exact points.

Step 2

The next step is to know about the number of risers and treads you need. For this you have to check the horizontal distance and vertical height of flight of steps.

Step 3

Once you know about the height and length of your concrete steps for garden, you should use tread-riser combination chart to know about the exact tread length. Once you get this than strip away the turf with spade from your marked area.

Step 4

Once the turf is removed, now mark the back of treads. You should leave an extra 50mm so that you can easily work on it. After marking, start shaping the steps roughly with the spade. You must also left some depth beneath so that 100mm of hardcore can easily adjust there.

Step 5

The trench for the first riser should be at least 125mm deep. You must level all the steps before pouring in the concrete.

Step 6

When you prepare all the steps then start to concrete the footing. Once you fill all the steps with concrete then leave it for 24 hours to dry before you start building these.


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DIY wall decor ideas

Have you shifted into a new house and you are looking for some DIY wall decor that are affordable and won` t stretches your budget? Don`t worry there are many options available from which you can choose the best one depending upon your choice and budget. The only thing that is important is to have a good sense of style and design that can suit your requirement.

Colored pencil wall art

One of the creative ideas that are becoming really popular is to go for the colored pencil wall art. For this you need pencils of different colors. Arrange these in such a way that it looks nice. You should follow the shade pattern like starting from dark colors and moving towards light colors. This will be a good fun activity too.

Lips from wooden pallets

You can make different DIY wall decors with the help of wooden pallets. Have you ever tried making lips from these? If don`t then you must try this, it will add a whole new flavor to your decorations.

Paper butterflies

Another good wall décor can be paper butterflies. This is an incredible idea, where you can make paper butterflies and paste them on your room walls. It will give a great look to your room.

Rainbow colored string wall art

This is also a great and innovative DIY wall décor idea that is circulating online. IT is also not very difficult to execute. For this you have to take different rainbow colored string and use these in any pattern that you like. You can write something using these strings or can draw any image or anything else you want.

You can choose the best one among the above mentioned ideas or you can also use your own creativity to create something similar or different to make your room wall look good.

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How to make DIY pillow slipcovers? 

For most of the people making pillow cover is not a big deal, but for some it is really a big task which they find extremely difficult to execute. If you are one of those who find it difficult and wanted to learn how to make a perfect DIY pillow slipcover then you can learn it easily.

First of all you need to print some beautiful printed fabrics from online fabric store. After printing the fabric, start cutting and ironing the piece for pillow. The measurement for a normal pillow is 16” but you can choose the measurement as per your liking. To make a nice overlap you need an overall length of 36”. This way your image will remain in the center of your pillow.

Now when the fabric is ready you need to fold it together having the wrong side on top and then sew the two seams that are on the side. You don`t need to sew the opening seams as it can save good amount of time. Following the same procedure you will be able to make 4-5 DIY pillow slipcovers within an hour.

Now your pillow covers are ready, but now the main thing is to decide about the right kind of foam. You can use great down pillow form as it can bring life to the pillows and make them comfy, fluffy as well as chop-able. Remember that your pillow needs to be very comfortable for your proper sleep. If you are not comfortable in your sleep then you will not woke up fresh next morning and won`t able to perform your daily routine matters with ease. So make your own DIY pillow slipcovers and fill them with comfortable material to enjoy sound sleep and get the feeling of personalized pillows.

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