Craft idea for spring decoration with floral wreath of paper

A simple, creative and inexpensive crafting idea for the beginning of spring. We show you a fantastic craft idea with paper for a decorative DIY flower wreath. Whether you hang the wreath on the front door as a spring decoration or leave it in the room as a wall decoration, this white wreath is definitely a cool idea and fresh design motif for the season.

Creative crafting idea for DIY flower wreath of white paper

What will you need for this? Take the cheapest roll of paper and a circular wreath of Styrofoam. Start by cutting large pieces of paper that you will crumple afterwards. Then with the help of hot glue, wrap the wreath shape with the strips.

Step 1 – Spring decoration with a flower wreath

First, start tinkering with the paper flowers. Cut out circles of different sizes from the paper, which you will gently press with your hand to create a texture for the flowers. Start stacking paper circles of different sizes, with the larger ones at the bottom. To fix the textured flower circles together, use the hot glue.

Step 2 – Make flowers from paper

Step 3 – Decorate DIY floral wreath with paper flowers

To make the flowers of paper even more real, you disintegrate small pieces of paper that you will stick in the middle of the flowers.


Step 4 – Flowers decoration as paper

If you have made enough different paper flowers to cover the wreath, catch the corresponding leaves. The easiest way to do this is shown in the picture below. This will create dimension and completion to the wreath. Decorate the wreath already wrapped with paper. Fix all flowers and small petals with glue and your DIY paper flower wreath is ready. Without much effort You have made a fantastic spring decoration for the door or wall itself. Another and very creative idea for decoration with such a homemade wreath can be a table decoration. Lay the wreath on the table and place one or more candles in the middle.

Step 5 – Petals for Floral Wreath of Paper

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Today we are showing the most of floral arrangement ideas that look calm and greenery .

I think you agree on the pale appearance of houses that do not contain flowers or plants. Plants and flower fill our area and the most beautiful detail of home decorations. They demond care, but they are indispensable for home decoration. A floral arrangement is a detail made in most houses, and of course in every celebration. Flowers, refresh the room, home or work, makes you more comfortable to stay. Flover Arrangers just need to choose the one that best suits whole home decoration.


Roses are the most of prefered flowers, but there are also prefered orchids, tulips, lentils, lilies. You just have to use your imagination and make your own floral arrangement that will adorn your space. My choice would be rose. How to arrange flowers and depends on what flowers you choose, where you will put your arrangement and for what you need it. How important it is to choose the right flowers it is important to choose an adequate vase. The choice of vases should be enormous. You can make your choice of vase rustic or modern. If you don’t use old jars or bottles you can make new designs using them. Color them as you like and peel off the paint at some places. You can achieve look like rustic. There are a lot of ideas, it’s enough to know what you need for a flower arrangement and make it yourself. Only a little imagination, will and creativity are necessary. And a few favorite flowers. Enjoy the gallery!

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Easy and Quick DIY Room Décor Tips

If you are shifted into a new house and you are looking to add some new decorations to your room then why don`t you try some easy and quick DIY room décor tips. This will not only help you in saving some money, but you will also have a personalized feeling. Following are few ideas that you can try.

Floating Leaves

This is a simple, easy and nature loving DIY room décor idea. For this you need some old clear jars. You just have to fill this water and lay few leaves in jars. This will give a great different display of art without much effort.

Reclaimed Crate Furniture

You can make furniture for your room from the items that you are already using at your home, like if there are few old crates available in your home, you can easily transform into superbly stylish furniture piece. You can go for making seats, coffee tables and even beds in some cases. You can use these crates in any way possible depending upon your needs.

Smart Clever cover up board

In most of the houses, you may have seen dishes piled up in sink. This becomes worst when you friends came without intimation and you start trying hiding this mess. So if you are also suffering from this situation time and again, then you should use creative side of your mind and try to cover this up with smart cover up board. For this purpose you can use any sizeable plastic board or old cutting board that you are not using now. You can personalize it as per the requirement and make sure that it can easily cover up your sink whenever you require it in emergency.

So these are few DIY room décor ideas with which you can add a whole new look to your room without spending a lot of money.

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Making of DIY Paper Flowers Wedding Bouquet

If you are preparing to attend the wedding ceremony of your friend or relative and you are looking to have a perfect wedding flower bouquet then why don`t you go for a DIY paper flowers bouquet which is long lasting, inexpensive as well as pretty. To make a full bouquet you require at least 12 flowers made of paper. It will further depend upon the size and fullness of their blooms. To execute this project on your own, you will require following material.

Material Required

  • Crepe Paper
  • Green floral tape
  • Green floral wire
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Wired floral leaves (you can get these from craft stores)
  • Wire cutters

Cut Petals

First of all you need to cut many teardrop shapes from the crepe paper. You can do this quickly and easily if you start doing it straight from the roll.

Prepare Wire

The second step is to prepare the wire. For this you should cut small square from crepe paper and fold it from the half to make a triangle. Now wrap the triangle around the floral wire tip. Use double sided tape to secure the paper and cover the complete wire with this folded triangle.

Add Petals and Flowers

To make a beautiful DIY paper flower bouquet you should keep on adding the petals and flowers until you think that you have reached the desired number of blooms for your bouquet.

Form Bouquet

Wired leaves should be twisted onto flower stem. Now gather all the stems in a bouquet shape and cover this with floral tape. Use wire cutter to trim the floral wire ends.

Add Ribbon

To cover the floral tape, you can wrap the ribbon on the bouquet stems. With this your DIY paper flower bouquet is ready and you can present it to the bride.


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DIY Murphy bed is a good idea for small apartments

If you have just shifted into a new apartment which don`t have enough space where you can easily place your normal bed or you wanted to utilize the maximum space and don`t want it to be covered by your normal bed then the best thing you can do is to go for murphy bed. Making DIY Murphy bed is not a bad idea at all; you can do it easily if you know how to use some basic tools.

Material Required

  • Spring mechanism
  • Crown molding
  • Wood as per measurements
  • Mattress
  • Paint and primer
  • Cabinet hardware
  • Paintbrush

Step 1

This is the first step where we need to purchase the mechanism for making Murphy bed. With this we will get the instructions manual as well as we get to know about the wood required to be purchased.

Step 2

In second step of DIY Murphy bed we need to screw the wood pieces together as per the measurements.

Step 3

When bed is up into the cabinet, its front should look as an armoire. You can also make cabinet doors and drawers but it will be expensive too, so it’s better if you don`t have enough budget to make fake doors and drawers front. You can use crown molding on the top of Murphy bed to give it a look like cabinet doors. Further to give a real look to this fake setting you can put knobs and handles on them.

Step 4

Now you have to paint your DIY Murphy bed. You can choose the color of your choice.

Step 5

Now you have to order the mattress and place it on your Murphy bed. It will be a great addition and acts as an extra bed when ever needed. Good luck!


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Homemade recipes for DIY Lip Scrub 

Lip scrubs are commonly used by both male and female to make their lips feel soft. So if you are also one of those who are using lip scrub on regular basis then why don`t you try homemade DIY lip scrub recipes, which can not only save you a lot of money but free of all sort of chemicals and side effects. These natural lip scrub recipes are very much effective, but try not to use these more than 4 times a week otherwise they can trip your lips of natural moisture. Following are some recipes that you can easily try in your home.

Brown Sugar and Honey Scrub

For this you require one tablespoon of brown sugar, one squirt of honey and one drop vanilla so that you can easily mix brown sugar in it and make a paste. Once you have mixed all these ingredients, now store these for a month in tub with lid or glass jar. Your lip scrub is ready. You can scrub it and let it be there for a minute and then wash it with warm water. After you have removed the DIY lip scrub, apply lip balm to rehydrate lips.

Mint Lip Scrub


  • One teaspoon honey
  • One drop peppermint oil
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • One teaspoon olive oil

You should mix all these items in a bowl till they make a paste. After mixing these properly you can store these in lidded container or glass jar. When you want to apply this DIY lip scrub, you need to soften your lips with warm wash cloth for 5 minutes. Apply the minty scrub and let it there for 5 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. Apply the lip balm afterwards and your lips will become fresh, plump and tingly.

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How to make DIY Fidget Spinner

Don`t tells me you haven`t heard of fidget spinner over the last year. If this is so, then you must be living somewhere remote or under a rock where there is no internet. This toy becomes so popular that it comes in the list of best selling toys on Amazon. On the other hand if you come across one or have heard something about fidget spinner, then you will be happy to know that you can make DIY fidget spinner yourself. You can easily find its templates online. You can make a basic fidget spinner by following these steps.

  • You need to draw round template on your card twice and then cut these two shapes.
  • Attach both shapes together using glue.
  • Make a hole in the centre of shape with the help of pin.
  • You can make a bigger hole using the scissors end so that toothpick can fit in loosely in your DIY fidget spinner.
  • Use PVA glue to attach coins at every end.
  • Now till glue get dryer, you should draw round penny twice on cardboard and cut both circles.
  • Make a center hole in one of the circles but this time it should be tight enough so that toothpick can stick there.
  • Place the toothpick through the hole and apply glue. Now when the glue gets dry, pass the other end of toothpick from the largest shape and second circle. With this you will have circles on every side of spinner.
  • You need to thrust two circles jointly and let there be some gap on either side of spinner so that it can spin easily. Put blob of PVA glue to the bottom and top of spinner hole. When the glue get dry the cut the toothpick from as close to the cardboard as possible. With this you will end up having your own DIY fidget spinner.
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DIY Dress Ideas

New season has arrived and it brings warm weather and cute dresses and skirts with it. You may already be looking for shopping the nice budget friendly dresses. So if you wanted to save some money and also wanted to have beautiful dresses then why don`t you try some DIY dress ideas with some of the skirts and shirts you already have.

Skirt with pockets

If you love wearing simple skirt, but wanted to add something new to it, then the best and easiest thing to do is to add pockets to it. It will not only give a different look but you can also carry small items with you.

Easy Skirt

You just need to take some fabric and elastic. Now practice making zig zag stitching on sewing machine. You can easily learn it through online sources and make a simple skirt for you on your own.

Makeover T-Shirt

This a defiantly a cool idea with which you can turn your old T-shirts into something that really looks up to date and modern and can be worn at parties and functions. You can crop up the sleeves, cut the collar and tie up the back to give a whole new look to your old T-shirt.

Shiny Collar Tank Top

Another DIY dress idea is to turn your old T-shirt into something amazing. You need to cut the sleeves and little shine to your shirts collar by using voila and old CDs.

These are just few ideas for DIY dress but you can experiment many more by using your imagination and stuff available. One thing is sure that the design that you make for yourself will surely look good but also helps you in saving money as well as space as you are not buying new stuff but working with the same old dress available with you.

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Steps involved in building a DIY coffee table

Have you ever tried of making something on your own from wood? If yes then you are perfectly capable of making a DIY coffee table. You just need to follow the instructions and you will end up with a beautiful coffee table.

  • First of all you need to know the process of building any table that how it is composed of. Any table has 3 pats, a top, stringers or apron and legs.
  • The top can be easily made from .19cm plywood. You can easily cut the plywood to the shape and size you require
  • After finishing with the top you need to build apron. You can use 1×4 inch or 1×6 inch stock. Now you need to cut the stock to about 3 inches less to the width and length of table top. Assemble the apron pieces with beveled 45 degree ends using glue and corner clamps.
  • Now you have to make legs of the DIY coffee table. For this you can cut the untreated pine 4×4 inch. You should choose the length of table legs as per the height of coffee table you intended to make.
  • You should now attach the legs with each corner using screws.
  • Once you are done with attaching the coffee table legs, you should attach the legs and apron to top of table with screws. For this you need to turn the top of coffee table upside down.
  • Your DIY coffee table is almost ready. Now you have to wipe the dust of top and give a natural finish by applying varnish coats. To add some extra protection to your coffee table you can apply carnauba wax to the top surface. With this you have completed the coffee table and it can now be used for serving your guests.



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Some Easy DIY Bamboo Projects

No matter you are looking to make some large structure or small computer cases, bamboo will be your natural choice because it is lightweight, strong and amazingly renewable. You can easily get the bamboo from your nearby wood market or find these growing wild near you. Following are some of the easy DIY bamboo projects that you can do it on your own.

Bamboo Fence

Bamboo can make a good fence for your house or farm. You can use the bamboo poles to any length and at any height in staggered pattern or even in straight line to make a fence. It all depends on your choice and need. You can also make a customized garden fence to give a unique beautiful look to your garden.

Bamboo Transverse Flute

If you are interested in making flute then bamboo can serve your purpose the best. It is naturally hollow so help you in making the flute easily. This is one of the easiest DIY bamboo projects that you can execute easily. You just need to learn about how to how to cut and finish the bamboo pieces so that it can be transformed into musical instrument.

Wall Planter

Wall planters made of bamboo can serve as a great visual interest for both indoor and outdoor space. This DIY bamboo project can be executed easily as you need some bamboo sticks, wire, coconut coir, glue and essential tools.

Bamboo Privacy Screen

Same as a garden fence the bamboo fence can also act as a privacy screen within the room. It can separate an indoor space into two so that you can enjoy your own space without being disturbed by someone else.

These are few DIY bamboo projects that you can execute easily both inside and outside your home. Other than these you can think of so many other projects that can be made of using bamboo wood.

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